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Experience & Judgement

Lance White has nearly twenty years of legal experience, and over 15 years working exclusively in family law. 

Lance has practiced as a family court master, a judicial law clerk in the family court of Washoe County, and as a litigator.

In all of these different roles, you can be confident, I have seen cases with aspects that are similar to yours. 

You can also be confident that you are hiring an attorney that is familiar with the ins and outs of the family court. I will represent you in front of many of the same people that I have worked for, and with, for years prior to opening this practice. 


Personal & Professional

Family law is about personal issues that require professional advice. Every person, every family, and every family situation is unique. 

What you are facing now might be exciting or challenging, a beginning or an end. No matter what, it is personal to you and it is important to me. 

I want to hear what is happening in your life. I take time for you to share. I listen. I address your individual concerns. And I give you professional advice. 

Strategy & Advice

I can't predict or promise any particular result in your case. 

However, after listening to you and hearing about your situation, I can give you my opinion regarding the possible outcome of your case and suggest strategy based on significant legal experience. 

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